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Start Up: The youth of the city have once again proved that there is no product made in Hyderabad. From the razor pin to the satellites launched into the sky are currently being made in our city. That is why Prime Minister Modi in his Mann Ki Baat also praised the startup for making satellites to cater to the commercial needs of our city.

Young people from Hyderabad are building satellites that are needed to meet current needs and launching them into space orbit. If you want to send any satellite up, just say one word and they will do the job.

Sanjay Nekkanti, Chaitanya Dora, Rahul Ravi Kumar, Vishal Lata Balakumar, Abhay Agoor and Krishna Teja, a young team from Hyderabad, are running the country’s first satellite startup from the city. Polar Space Startup recently won the National Startup Awards 2020 in the ‘Space’ category.

The youth team is currently planning to set up a huge integration and testing (AIT) facility for satellite manufacturing in Telangana. Polar space is nothing new in the international space-tech industry. However it is well known for designing small satellite systems to meet business needs.

Launched in 2012, the company is headed by CEO Sanjay Nekkanti. Apart from him, Chaitanya Dora, Rahul Ravi Kumar, Vishal Lata Balakumar, Abhay Agoor and Krishna Teja are the board members. It plans to build satellites on a polar scale with a capacity to build about 300 satellites a year.

“We have set up a full-fledged stock space engineering solutions company focusing on satellites and ground stations. We currently have the capacity to build small satellites of 200-250 kgs. Said.

Within days of its founding, Austria invited the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Center in Vienna for an incubation. “In addition to our own country, we have good opportunities coming from other countries, such as Europe and North America. This startup is the first of our kind in small satellite technology development. We have always had good support from ISRO, which helps us build new satellites, “said Sanjay.

The Prime Minister mentioned two startups, Agnikul and Skyroot, based in Chennai and Hyderabad, which are developing launch vehicles to carry small payloads into space. This is expected to significantly reduce the cost of space launch. He was referring to the Hyderabad-based startup Pole Space, which operates on high-tech solar panels for satellite deployers and satellites. Satellites made by the Polar Space Center in PSLV Orbital Experimental Module (POEM) of PSLV-C53 to be launched on June 30 are flying into space.

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