state government Review meeting of works first 100 days | Chief Minister’s instructions to all departments, complete the target of hundred days by 30 IG News

After the formation of the government, action plans for the first hundred, six months, one year, two years and five years were decided on priority basis for all the departments. The target of first 100 days should be completed by June 30 in each case. Taking this on priority, departmental review should be done from the Chief Secretary level and the report should be submitted.

He said that on July 5, the present State Government is completing the first 100 days of the second term. On this special occasion, a press conference will be organized at the state level on July 4. All ministers, public representatives will be among the public. We have to apprise the public about the progress of action taken so far in the course of our resolutions.

Said that on the occasion of completion of first 100 days, the details of their achievements would be presented to the public by the departmental ministers. Along with the progress report of 100 days, also give information about the target for the next 6 months. The ministers in charge of the circles should go to the public in the circles of their charge. He said that one CHC in every district can be operated on PPP mode. Prepare a detailed action plan in this regard. be implemented as a model.

Said that immediate necessary action should be taken for the establishment of Health ATM. This will be an important work in view of the wider public interest. Teleconsultation in remote areas should be further encouraged. The Chief Minister said that the Daggamar buses should be considered for connecting with one system. Routes can be determined for these. This will facilitate transportation to remote areas. Considering all the dimensions in this regard, an action plan should be prepared.

Said that the Transport Department can generate new sources of income from its means through innovations. Transport department’s land is at prime location everywhere. Hotels, restaurants can be operated here. All necessary arrangements should be made for modernization of bus stations.


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