Statement about Noor Jahan, Ali Azmat broke the silence


Leading Pakistani singer Ali Azmat broke his silence on his statement about Queen Tarun Noor Jahan.

Singer Ali Azmat said in his video statement that a campaign is being run on social media against me in which my Noor Jahan is being contested. Whoever has posted this video has not completed it but has edited it.

Ali Azmat said that Ahmad Ali Butt and Hina Durrani are my family. I love and respect them very much. Not only this but more than them I love Madam Noor Jahan.

He said that what I have said about Noor Jahan is absolutely true, I have talked about my childhood. At that time only PTV was running. At that time Noor Jahan’s presentation was not good. He gave his opinion regarding what he saw.

The singer added that as much as music has come to us, it is a part of western culture, but Noor Jahan was not as good as it is shown on PTV, but later when we grew up we liked Noor Jahan more. There was no one, various artists will also testify that we loved Noor Jahan and his singing.

During the show, Ali Azmat, while talking about the changing Pakistan music industry over the years, said that in my childhood, Noor Jahan used to sing with a sari wearing big bangs and bunds and extra make-up. ۔

Ali Azmat said that Noor Jahan was in her old age at that time and we thought that it was not necessary for us to see her.

It should be noted that Ali Azmat had made nasty remarks about the appearance of Queen Tarnam in a talk show.