STF By former AIG Another case has been registered against Rajjit Singh on charges of extortion IG News

– Even after the look out circular, there is no trace of Rajjit
Jalandhar, May 24 (Punjab Mail) – The AIG of Punjab Police has been dismissed in the case related to drug trafficking and corruption worth crores of rupees in Punjab. Rajjit Singh’s problems have increased. The Special Task Force (STF) investigating the matter has registered another case against Rajjit under the Anti-Corruption Act. Rajjit is accused of taking bribes from drug smugglers and giving them protection. According to information, a case of extortion and corruption has been registered against Rajjit.
According to information, special STF 3 SITs made public by the Punjab and Haryana High Court against Rajjit Singh. Based on the reports, a case has been registered in the Mohali police station. It is also known that F.I.R. It has been regularly mentioned that a case of extortion has been registered against the dismissed officer because the SIT. The report shows that the officer was in collusion with the dismissed Inspector Inderjit Singh of the Punjab Police. SIT In the investigation, the then special DGP. SIT headed by Siddharth Chattopadhyay. The name of the dismissed police officer has been brought forward on the basis of the statements of the people investigated. It is to be noted that the court has also issued a warrant for the arrest of Rajjit Singh. Continuous raids are being conducted in search of him.
It may be mentioned that Rajjit Singh was in discussion for a long time in the case of drugs racket in Punjab. He is absconding and till now there is no success at the hands of the police. According to the order issued by the court, the accused was to be arrested and produced in the court by May 18, but no trace of Rajjit Singh has been found yet. It is also being said that after registering a case against Rajjit Singh, he got enough time to escape. It is being told that the look out circular was also issued late, due to which there is a possibility that he might have fled the country.
In the year 2017, Inspector Inderjit Singh was arrested in the case of arms and drugs smuggling. Heroin, smack and AK from his house. 47 was recovered. The inspector was subsequently dismissed. Later it was also known that AIG Rajjit Singh is trying to save Inspector Inderjit and wrong record is being presented. Rajjit Singh is also accused of tampering with recovered drugs and giving promotion to Inderjit Singh. Another notable thing is that AIG Rajjit Singh and Inderjit were posted together from 2012 to 2017. Rajjit Singh also regularly wrote letters of recommendation for Inderjit Singh to keep him company. These two officers have also been posted in Jalandhar, Moga, Gurdaspur and Tarn Taran.