Stone statue of Lord Narasimha floated in water 3 times | Crowd of devotees gathered at Narsingh Ghat, for the first time the event was organized with state honours. IG News

Dewas35 minutes ago

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The stone idol of Lord Narasimha weighing 7.5 kg kept floating in the Bhamori river at Narasimha Ghat in Dewas district. Pandit Gopaldas Vaishnav did this three times. Every time the idol kept floating. According to the belief of the local people, floating the idol means that the coming year will bring happiness and prosperity. As soon as the idol floated, thousands of people present at the ghat started cheering for Lord Narasimha.

This event is held every year on the occasion of Dol Gyaras. But, after seeing the auspicious time, the pundits advised to organize the event on Tuesday. Due to this, the Collector had declared the next day Tuesday as a holiday instead of Monday being a local holiday. In which Aarti took place after worship in the temples in the afternoon. Carpet was laid from Bhamori river ghat to the temple. On which a walking ceremony of Lord Narasimha was carried out with drums and banging. Police band was also included in the moving ceremony. Special preparations were already made for the event. On this occasion, devotees including MLA Manoj Chaudhary, Municipal Council President Chandrakanta Rathore, President Representative Arun Rathore, Vice President Narbhe Singh Talaya were present.

Police band joined, gave guard of honor

Councilor Deepak Dhosaria told that Lord Narasimha has hundreds of years old history. The Municipal President and councilors along with MLA Manoj Chaudhary had met Home Minister Narottam Mishra and demanded to give state honor to Lord Narasimha. After this the Home Minister gave instructions to Ujjain IG and Dewas SP. Due to the efforts of MLA Manoj Chaudhary and Municipal Council Chairman Representative Arun Rathore, for the first time the police band participated in the moving ceremony of the stone statue. Also, after enshrining the stone statue in the idol and before floating the stone statue at Narsingh Ghat, a guard of honor was given to Lord Narsingh.

It rained with thunderstorm before floating the statue.
Just before the floating of the stone statue, around 5.25 pm, it started raining heavily along with the wind storm due to which there was concern about floating the statue. After raining for about 10 minutes, as soon as Nrisingh temple reached Dol Nrisingh Ghat, the rain stopped. Due to which everyone heaved a sigh of relief and the program of floating the stone statue was duly completed. This incident is being seen as a miracle of Lord Narasimha. This rain is being seen as sanctification of the devotees present.

Akhara artists honored

The artists of the Akhara have been honored during the procession at many places including Narsingh Ghat. The city council had called the dance artists of Mayuri for the moving ceremony. Who displayed their art. Also, bhajan singers, Dwarka minister and his team presented bhajans at Narsingh Ghat.

This is recognition

The stone idol weighing seven and a half kilos is floated in water thrice on Dol Gyaras. Every time the idol floats. From this the coming year is assessed. To see this view, thousands of people from Hatpipalya and surrounding areas reach the ghat.