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He is 57 years old. There are mental health issues. So he does not know what he will do when. Recently, doctors operated on him at the RGKMCH hospital in Kolkata and removed 2 hundred rupee notes stuck in his esophagus.

According to the family members… the patient… about a month and a half ago… said that he was not able to swallow anything properly. The family members, who did not know that he had swallowed the notes, took him to a local doctor. The doctor did a checkup on him and gave him medicines. That medicine did not work. Finally he had to be taken to the hospital. He was admitted to the hospital on March 1.

There too the doctors tried the usual treatment first. Didn’t see any benefit. He was transferred to the gastroenterology department. On investigation there, it was found that 2 hundred notes were stuck in the alimentary canal. The family members do not know that he swallowed these notes. So… I had to have an operation.

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Sujay Roy, associate professor of gastroenterology, said, “Both the stomachs were removed endoscopically with rat tooth forceps. After this procedure, the patient’s condition improved. Food is now able to pass inside.”

In this operation, the doctors came to know another thing. This same patient drank dangerous acid less than 17 years ago. As a result, his esophagus narrowed. That is why the notes are stuck now. Doctors say that it is dangerous to swallow things that should not be swallowed.

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