Stranger broke into property and took tot from mum’s arms before asking for kiss

Stranger broke into property and took tot from mum’s arms before asking for kiss

An intruder sneaked into a property in the middle of the afternoon and took a tot from her mum’s arms, a court has heard.

The girl’s mother and gran managed to get the child back after a struggle with the stranger, and the kidnapper escaped from the house.

Hassan Miah, aged 34, fled to a nearby pizza takeaway where he removed all his clothes and lay across the floor before pouring a bag of sugar over himself, reports Wales Online.

Swansea Crown Court heard that the defendant was suffering from a psychotic episode at the time, and was hearing voices from a woman named Casandra who was giving him instructions.

The court heard how on the afternoon of April 16, 2021, Hassan Miah went into the garden of a house in Swansea before entering the property itself through patio doors.

Prosecutor Tim Evans said in the house at the time was a woman and her daughter, aged two, along with the grandmother of the child.

The grandmother challenged the intruder about his presence in the property, and he said he was looking for a woman called “Casandra”. At that moment the mother-and-child walked into the room and Miah immediately grabbed the toddler from her mum’s arms saying “give me the baby”. The intruder held the toddler up in front of his face, and asked for a kiss – but it was not clear who he was talking to.

Mr Evans said a brief struggle then ensued as the women took the little girl off Miah, and the grandmother was able to drive him from the house. As he walked away the defendant was seen by neighbours to make “V” signs with his fingers towards the grandmother. A short time later Miah walked into Pepino’s Pizza on nearby Conway Road, removed all this clothes, and lay down on the floor. He then grabbed a bag of sugar and poured the contents over himself.

Police were called and, aware of the earlier incident, arrested the defendant on suspicion of attempted child abduction. The court heard Miah’s “bizarre” behaviour continued on the way into custody and in custody – including at one stage pretending to perform oral sex on an officer – before he kicked a PC in the groin.

Hassan Miah, of Heol y Gors, Townhill, Swansea, had previously pleaded guilty to kidnap and to assaulting an emergency worker when he appeared via videolink for sentencing. He has no previous convictions.

The court heard three psychiatrists had assessed the defendant and agreed that he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, and was hearing “command voices” from a woman he referred to as Casandra who instructed him to do things. He had been released from a psychiatric unit just a week before the kidnapping after spending time in hospital due to previous concerns about his behaviour.

Judge Paul Thomas QC told Miah he had subjected his three victims to a terrifying albeit short-lived incident.

He described the sentencing exercise before him as “very complex”, and said his overriding concern was the protection of the public from any repeat of similar offending.

Judge Thomas said had the defendant been fully responsible for his actions “medically and legally”, the appropriate sentence for the kidnapping after trial would have been one of four-and-a-half years – with the required discount for a guilty plea that would be reduced to three years. However, he said it was clear from all the medical reports he had about Miah that he was suffering with paranoid schizophrenia, and he was satisfied that a hospital order under the Mental Health Act was the most appropriate option.

Miah was made the subject of an indefinite section-41 restriction order, and may not be discharged from hospital unless the Ministry of Justice or a tribunal gives its approval. If he is released it will be under a “strict regime”, and will be liable to be recalled if he breaches the requirements imposed on him.

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