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Stranger Things star is ‘spontaneous’ lover: ‘I’m an adventurer!’ IG News


Caleb McLaughlin likes to be a “spontaneous” lover.

The 22-year-old actor – who is best known for his role as Lucas Sinclair in Netflix’s hit series ‘Stranger Things’ – explained that when it comes to romance, he likes to do things all at once, as he described his “perfect” night with his significant other.

He told Cosmopolitan, “I’m more of an adventurous type of person. If it’s 2:00 in the morning, I’m the type of person who says, ‘Hey, do you want to go into the woods and jump in a lake?’ I’ll do things like that, you know.

“I like to do spontaneous things, so I’m always ready to go on a joy ride or listen to music on the highway or something or even book a random trip and ask, ‘Hey, would you like to stay here?’ I don’t know. But if we stay in, I have to order food, kick it, listen to the music and the atmosphere. You know what I mean?”

The ‘Book of Clarence’ star added that he is currently single and has “never” had a girlfriend, but admitted he would still find it “difficult” to commit to a relationship due to his busy schedule.

He said: “There’s been no dating lately. I don’t have a girlfriend. I mean, I’ve been in situations but I’ve never had a girlfriend. It’s hard. It’s hard to have a girlfriend now.

“Yeah, you have to focus on the work and then also try to focus on the person and be emotionally there for them – that’s a lot. You know what I mean? Then sometimes people don’t understand other people’s schedules and it can be too much, so I’m cool at the moment.”

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