Stronger, better prepared Tiger Woods says he can win the PGA Championship IG News

Stronger, better prepared Tiger Woods says he can win the PGA Championship

Tiger Woods’ return to the PGA Championship continues this week after losing his leg in a car accident and the 46-year-old believes he is capable of hoisting the Wanamaker Trophy for the fifth time.

Very few athletes, especially those returning from career-threatening injuries, can survive such bravery, but Woods, as he has proven time and again, is no ordinary athlete.

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Woods has long said that he would never enter an event he didn’t think he could win.

The 15-time major winner made a similar assessment of his chances ahead of the Masters last month.

At the time, though, it barely seemed believable, coming from someone who had just been lying on a hospital bed 14 months earlier and doctors were considering amputation of his damaged leg.

An inspired Woods sent a jolt to the sporting world when he made the cut at Augusta National before running out of steam, finishing with 78s over six on Saturday and Sunday, his worst score ever at the Masters.

Back in Southern Hills where he won the 2007 PGA Championship, Woods says he is stronger, better prepared and that the only thing left now is “just go out there and do it”.

“I think I can definitely win,” Woods told reporters on Tuesday. “I have to do my job.

“I’ve gotten stronger since then (Masters).

“But it’s still going to get worse and running is a challenge. I can hit golf balls, but the challenge is running.”

Living by the motto of “No Pain, No Gain”, Woods took a day off after the Masters and steadily increased his workload over the five weeks leading up to the PGA Championship.

“He’s the Tiger,” summed up world number two Jon Rahm. “He’s a competitor. He’s going to try to win every time, and whenever he’s upset, the world wants him to win.”

Whether or not Woods can win is debated, but he, like everyone else, will be looking for signs of progress in the five weeks since the Masters, particularly in his endurance and putting, which he feels. prevents them from fighting for another Green Jacket.

“I didn’t have the stamina I wanted, I shouldn’t expect it (to win) because I didn’t earn it,” Woods said. “I didn’t work.

“It will get better as the months go by.

“I think I’m doing better.

“Taking a step back and looking at the overall big picture of it, it (Masters) was an achievement.

“But the other side of me says that if I’d done things differently, I could have challenged that thing (the green jacket).”

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