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Students performed devotional songs on the 75th Republic Day. On the occasion of the 75th day of the Republic, students performed religious songs: tricolors were saluted in schools and madrassas, businessmen congratulated each other IG News


meerut7 hours ago

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On the 75th Republic Day in Meerut, there were Republic Day celebrations from schools to madrassas. During this period, children presented various presentations of patriotic songs in schools and madrasas. He danced vigorously to patriotic songs in schools. Various programs were also prepared in the coaching center on the occasion of Republic Day, and innocent children enthusiastically participated in the program and danced to patriotic songs. At the Meerut bullion market too, bullion dealers remembered the immortal martyrs on Republic Day. Playing patriotic songs in memory of the immortal martyrs, he spoke about sacrificing his entire life for his country.

75th Republic Day at DAV Centenary Government School, Meerut

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