Stunts Viral Video | Deadly stunts! The person fell on his head while doing stunts, then what happened, watch the video IG News



New Delhi: There are many people in the world who have different hobbies. Some are fond of riding, while others are fond of stunting. But doing stunts is not that easy, yes, if you make a slight mistake, it can cost your life, something similar has happened in this video which is now going viral.

There are many types of stunts. But perfection in all stunts can be achieved only if we work hard for it. You must have seen stunt men in films, who perform such stunts in a jiffy, which makes anyone’s mouth shut. But behind that moment of wonder are years of hard work. But today’s kids don’t understand this, they want everything fast. Due to this many times they have to face defeat. Watch the video now. In which a person is not able to generate speed at the right time and then something bad happens.

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In the video you can see a man demonstrating the parkour technique. This performance requires a lot of speed. But that person cannot create that movement. At the same time, its speed is less than necessary. So he fails miserably and falls. It is known only by the way a person falls that how much he has been hurt.

The video has been shared on Instagram by an account named thatfatfreerunner. Which has been liked by more than 11 lakh people so far and billions of people have seen it. People are also giving their feedback by commenting on this video. One thing is sure in this video that the man must have been very hurt and will think hundred times before doing stunt next time.


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