Suicide at BJP MLA’s house: Took a smiling selfie a few hours ago, posted as status, the girl wrote – Why Tiwari ji… – Young Man Commits Suicide In Bjp Mla Flat In Lucknow Took A Smiling Selfie A Few Hours Ago IG News

Young man commits suicide in BJP MLA flat in Lucknow took a smiling selfie a few hours ago

Suicide at BJP MLA’s house
– Photo: Amar Ujala


His social media team leader committed suicide at the government flat of BJP MLA Yogesh Shukla in Hazratganj, Lucknow. The police arrived on information, broke the door, went inside and removed the body from the noose. Hazratganj Inspector Pramod Kumar Pandey said that 24-year-old Shrestha Tiwari, resident of Barabanki Haidergarh, used to work in the media cell of BKT MLA.

He was alone in the flat on Sunday night. Shrestha hanged himself at around 11:30 pm. The reason for suicide is being ascertained. The relatives of the deceased have been informed about the incident.

Called and said…I am going to commit suicide.

Inspector told that Shrestha had talked to his girlfriend on video call before committing suicide. During this period, when there was a dispute, he tied himself in a video call and said that he was going to commit suicide. Seeing this the girlfriend reached the flat, but by then it was too late. Shrestha’s brother has filed a complaint against his girlfriend.

The young man took a smiling selfie a few hours ago

Shrestha Tiwari and the girl became friends about four years ago. Then the love affair started. Both of them had taken a selfie a few hours before the incident. Posted the status on Instagram. In this, an emoji of love was written… Why Tiwari ji… A few hours later, Shrestha committed suicide by hanging himself. The question is who was smiling just a moment ago.