SUMA wants province to stop charging PST for construction projects IG News

Irshadgul News report,

Saskatchewan municipalities say new tax pressures are limiting the amount of construction work they can complete in the province.

Local representatives want the province to stop charging PST for projects.

Randy Goulden, president of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA), said it cuts how much work gets completed since the PST is applied to project costs.

“Now it’s really preventing our municipalities from growing and really helping to make up for the lack of installed infrastructure in our communities,” she said.

Municipalities were exempted from paying PST on construction labor till 2017. Now this complaint is heard by the NDP when they visit many offices in the city.

The NDP leader said, “This is a government we see making infrastructure announcements, holding press conferences, patting their backs and showing up for photo ops, while they take 24 to 39 percent of the so-called investment.” Come back in the middle.” Carla Beck.

The provincial government states that municipalities receive a share, three-quarters of one percent, of the PST dollars collected. It says the remainder goes to services such as schools and hospitals that benefit communities.


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