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Sunil Paul calls Sunil Grover’s character ‘Dufli’ nonsense.

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Indian comedian Sunil Paul criticized contemporary comedian Sunil Grover’s character Dufli on The Great Indian Couple Show, calling it ridiculous.

49 Sunil Paul, famous comedian, actor and voice actor. Expressing dissatisfaction on Sunil’s part Grover on the Great Indian Couple Show, which was based on vulgar jokes about women’s clothing.

While talking to an Indian media outlet, Sunil Paul, who has appeared in several comic roles in Bollywood, said that the Netflix show is an old and worn-out comedy. where a male comedian dresses as a woman

Sunil Paul added that Sunil Grover looked so old, the same old guy, it wasn’t funny at all.

He says sitting on an actor’s lap over and over with these girls is disgusting. Paul says today I found out oranges are edible. Sunil Grover just do what you have to do. But now don’t give people advice.

It may be recalled that Sunil Grover earlier played the role of Guthi in Kapil Show while he also became the famous Dr. Gulati. And now he has become Dufli in a new form of acting.

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