Supreme Court refuses to open Panama Volume 10, plea disposed – Daily Sama Newspaper IG News

The Supreme Court dealt with the broadsheet company’s request to open volume 10 of the Panama JIT report based on its withdrawal. The bench heard. Latif Khosa, the lawyer of Broadsheet Company, said in arguments that what is there in the Panama JIT volume 10 to keep it secret? Under Article 19A, the people have the right to see how the country was looted. Justice Athar Manullah asked that the five-member bench of the Supreme Court had made any observations about Volume 10 in the Panama judgment. We will not go to this side because the elected Prime Minister of the country was removed in the Panama case, you wanted Volume 10 for proceedings in the arbitration court, the matter has been settled there, now your application has become ineffective. Additional Attorney General Said that NAB has paid 28 million dollars to the broad sheet, the Chief Justice of Pakistan said that you can bring an application under 184-3 on this issue, but you should not put it on Mr. Stuart’s shoulder and talk about public interest. Addressing lawyer Latif Khosa, Athar Manullah said, “Do you want the Panama verdict to be reconsidered?” Lawyer Latif Khosa said, “I don’t want to go into the Panama verdict.” Justice Athar Minullah said, “Instead of talking about politics, limit yourself to legal points. You have come here to represent a broadsheet company, not the people of Pakistan, so it would be better.” You should not speak on behalf of the people of Pakistan, did the Supreme Court even mention the Panama JIT Volume 10 in the judgment of the Panama case or do you want to say that the five-member Panama bench of the Supreme Court favored someone? Lawyer Latif Khosa said, I just want the facts to come before the public. Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Umar Atta Bandial said that the English word is “Relax”, Khosa Sahib, keep the discussion going on in the court. Yes, this is beside the point.