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Khandwe Police Suspended

Gadchiroli, SHO Rajesh Khandve of Chamorshi police station had come into limelight for beating up former JIP chief Atul Ganyarpwar. In this case, SHO Khandve has found it costly to threaten the judge by going to the bungalow of the judge who had ordered to register a case against SHO Khandve in his own police station. In the case of intimidation, the judge has filed a complaint against SHO Khandve at Chamorshi police station.

In particular, taking this matter seriously, District Superintendent of Police Nilotpal immediately suspended the SHO of Chamorshi, Rajesh Khandve. And his charge has been given to another officer. There has been a disturbance in the police department in this matter.

In the case of beating of Ganyarpawar, the judge had given the order to register the case.

During the election of Chamorshi Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Thanedar Khandve called and thrashed Atul Ganyarpwar, the president of Chamorshi Agricultural Produce Market Committee, at the police station. In this case Ganyarpawar filed a petition in Chamorshi’s court. Hearing on which, on May 20, First Class Judge of Chamorshi Court, N. D. Meshram’s court had ordered to register an offense against Thanedar Khandve in Chamorshi police station.

Frightened by the order, the SHO reached the judge’s bungalow

In the case of thrashing Ganyarpawar, Justice N. D. Meshram’s court ordered to register a crime against SHO Rajesh Khandve at Chamorshi police station. Meanwhile, on May 25, SHO Rajesh Khandve reached Judge Meshram’s bungalow in the morning. He argued with the judge about the order to register the case and threatened him. After this Khandve left from there.

Justice Khandve informed the matter to the District Superintendent of Police. Along with this, the complaint of this case was registered in Chamorshi police station on the same day of the incident. Here District Superintendent of Police Nilotpal suspended SHO Khandve during the night. At the same time, the charge of Thanedar has been handed over to Sub-Inspector of Police Sudhir Sathe. In particular, a crime has been registered against SHO Khandve at Chamorshi police station.

Water turned on the success of Khandve

Rajesh Khandve, a resident of Kej village in Bid district, wanted to become an officer in the army. But this was not possible. After which Khandve passed the State Service Commission examination and joined the police force in the year 2015 as a sub-inspector of police. He was given the first posting in Gadchiroli district.

Here he joined the C-60 squad and was involved in 16 encounters with Naxalites. Due to his remarkable work, he was awarded the President’s Gallantry Medal twice in 2018 and 2020. Especially after the post of sub-inspector of police, got promotion to the post of assistant police inspector and later to the post of police inspector. But Khandve’s success was overturned in the matter of threatening the judge by going to the bungalow of the judge.

Thanedar suspended: SP Nilotpal

The judge filed a complaint at the Chamorshi police station in connection with the incident of SHO Khandve threatening the Chamorshi court judge by going to his bungalow. On the basis of the complaint, SHO Rajesh Khandve has been suspended during the night. District Superintendent of Police Nilotpal has said such a thing.