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Tanmay Agarwal: Triple century in 147 balls.. 33 fours, 21 sixes IG News


Tanmay Agarwal: Triple century in 147 balls.. 33 fours, 21 sixes

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Hyderabad bowler Tanmay Agarwal showed how aggressive England batsmen are in baseball. The Hyderabadis performed valiantly in the match against Arunachal Pradesh at the Nexgen Ground. He scored 323 runs in 160 balls with 33 fours and 21 sixes.

After reaching the double century mark in 119 balls, Tanmay converted it into a triple century to set a new world record. He reached the 300-run mark in just 147 balls. It is worth noting that he took only 28 balls to score 200 to 300 runs. His passes were the highlight of the match. Hyderabad team players had to be close to the boundary line of the field to pass the ball.

With this innings, Tanmay Agarwal created history as the fastest triple century player in red ball cricket. This record was previously held by South African cricketer Marc Marais. While Marais scored a 191-ball triple century in South Africa’s home first-class cricket match against Eastern Province in 2017, Tanmay broke that record. Also, Ishan Kishan (14 sixes) broke the record for most sixes in an innings in the history of Indian first-class cricket.

300 fastest run scorers in first class cricket history

  • Tanmay Agarwal (Hyderabad): 147 balls
  • Marco Marais (South Africa): 191 balls
  • Charles McCartney (Australia): 221 balls
  • Frank Woolley (Melbourne Cricket Club): 230 balls
  • Ken Rutherford (New Zealand): 234 balls
  • Vivian Richards (Somerset): 244 balls

Tanmay Agarwal and another opener Rahul Singh (185; 26 fours, 3 sixes off 105 balls) scored huge centuries and the Hyderabad side posted a mammoth score of 512 runs for a lost wicket in 48 overs at the end of the first over. day game. Earlier, Arunachal Pradesh were bowled out for 172 runs in the first innings.

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