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An inquiry is in place to investigate allegations of abuse in schools run by a religious order.

Taoiseach Michael Martin confirmed that the Spiritan Congregation, formerly the Holy Ghost Fathers, made a public apology to the victims and announced that an independent group would engage with survivors of abuse in schools and institutions decades ago.

It recently emerged in an RTE radio documentary On One program that the religious order had paid €5 million in settlements for abuse and support services since 2004. At least 233 men have made allegations of abuse against 77 priests of the Irish Spiritans.

Speaking on Saturday, the Taoiseach said there would be a victim-led process.

“I think we will be spending the next week with the victims to get their perspective on this and the kind of approach they would like to see from the government,” Mr Martin said.

“It’s sickening and it’s shocking what has happened in terms of the scale and nature of the abuse, the terrible trauma inflicted on so many people so early in their lives when they needed protection, and when their parents gave them the care they needed.” and security which did not happen.

“We have to identify the best way forward in a victim-led way, and I think that essentially means some form of inquiry has to be established here.

“We need to take into account the views of victims and also identify the most effective way of conducting an investigation.”

How can survivors of Spiritans abuse get justice?

Allegations of abuse go back as far as the 1970s and involve schools managed by the Holy Ghost Order, including Dublin’s prestigious Blackrock College.

Asked whether this would be limited to Blackrock College and the schools run by the Spiritans, Mr Martin replied: “These are the issues we will have to examine – a module-based approach most effective in a different kind of context.” and be timely. Inquiries that will be time-limited because victims will be conscious of that, and will be very concerned that whatever we do will have the best interests of victims in mind, and that means that inquiries will be timely. Ho, which can be finished in a reasonable time frame.” – PA


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