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News Daily Digital Desk: Explosive again Taslima Nasrin (Taslima Nasrin). After his taunt at Kabir Suman, Suman was seen throwing punches. This time again the most controversial writer on social media. He raised the question, can an asexual woman openly declare herself ‘sexual’ in the Indian subcontinent even if an asexual man can say it? What will be his reaction?

In fact, a few days ago Taslima wrote besides calling Suman a ‘hypocrite’, ‘She is capable in bed even at the age of 75, why are you saying this, to fool men or women?’ Suman came to Facebook Live on Saturday and said, “Does it happen without desire! Just cum, cum and cum. Spread the cum among all.” Taslima took her turn.

[আরও পড়ুন: গ্রেপ্তার হননি, এখনও পলাতক অমৃতপাল! পাঞ্জাব জুড়ে জারি হাই অ্যালার্ট]

What exactly did he write? He has been seen writing, ‘Even an untempered man can play the trumpet and say, ‘I have a lot of sex, I am very sexual.’ People are not surprised by this. No wonder these days though. Aphrodisiacs like Viagra can increase male libido at any age, even if the libido is gone. If an uncool woman plays the trumpet and says, ‘I have a lot of sex power, I am very sexual’, then the society of the Indian subcontinent shudder to think what will happen. Although it is very normal that women can have a good sex life with the use of substances like vaginal lubricants, even if the sexual performance is reduced. Even so, if a woman of advanced age ever reveals that she is sexually active, relatives, neighbors, friends all scorn her, even isolate her. An older man’s sexuality is a matter of pride, and an older woman’s sexuality is a matter of shame. As long as this discrimination persists, the reach of women’s freedom will not be found, if they are ever caught, they will not wait for the doors and windows to be opened, they will run away if they see a peep.’

The ever-controversial Taslima often posts on social media that sparks controversy. This time a new controversy is approaching around his post about Suman. Which got a new dimension in the recent post. We are waiting to see if Suman says anything again in response to his post.

[আরও পড়ুন: ভিন্দ্রানওয়ালের স্মৃতি উসকে ফের অশান্ত পাঞ্জাব, কেন শুরু হয়েছিল খলিস্তানি আন্দোলন?]

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