Taxi drivers will gherao RTO | People may face problem in booking taxi at 12 noon IG News

Bhopal31 minutes ago

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If you are going to go somewhere by taxi today, then this news is for you. There may be a problem in booking a taxi between 12 noon to 3 pm on Monday. Because the taxi drivers associated with Ola and Uber will gherao the regional transport office. It will be performed for about two to three hours. During this hundreds of taxi drivers will reach RTO.

That’s why they are gheraoing the RTO
District President of Taxi Union Welfare Committee Nafees Uddin said that in the presence of National President Sushil Singh Chauhan, we will put our demands in front of the Transport Department. In this, especially expensive panic buttons, continuously increasing prices of petrol and diesel and continuously increasing commission by the company will be opposed. Nafees Uddin told that taxi drivers are facing problems for a long time. There are 1500 to 1800 taxis operating in Bhopal.

Memorandum will be given to the Transport Department

Memorandum will be given to the Transport Department

these are demands

  • At present, it is mandatory to install panic buttons in vehicles. Its cost is about 13-14 thousand rupees being taken by the agent, while the cost of the panic button is only 4-5 thousand rupees. This requirement should be done away with.
  • 28-30 percent commission is being taken arbitrarily by Ola-Uber and these companies. Due to this, there is a burden of Rs 12-15 per kilometer. According to the government rate, the cab driver should get Rs 20 per kilometer from these companies.
  • The driver of the company which is running without license should be banned.
  • Private bike taxis, Job Rapido and Ola are running, they should be banned, because they do not have taxi permit, no fitness and license.
  • If there is a government taxi app, in which 10% commission is taken, then we will be able to leave the slavery of private companies and do our own work.
  • Some customers misbehave with the driver. The company does not endorse anything in that. For this, the company should make a guideline.
  • Many vehicles are being used as private taxis in Bhopal. Action should be taken on them. Private vehicles have also been installed in some government offices. Vehicles are also running in Ola and Uber through Travels, these should be banned.