Technology Update | Google removed dangerous apps from play store, you can also delete them from mobile IG News

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Mumbai: Google has removed dangerous apps from its Play Store. Actually, Google keeps checking the potential threats of the app present on its Play Store and removes such apps from the Play Store, so that its Play Store remains malware and malicious apps free. In such a situation, user security will be improved. Along with this, Android mobile users should also remove unnecessary files from their system.

Read the review and check the rating
Ban users installed cleaning system apps. Before downloading any app, read its review and must check the rating.

Apps removed from Play Store
According to Gizmochina’s report, many cleaner apps have recently been removed from the Play Store by Google. Many developers had shared a detail on Reddit regarding this matter. System cleaning app SD Maid has also been removed.

Apps removed due to stockware policy
According to the report, the reason behind the removal of apps from the Google Play Store is Google’s Stockware Policy. System cleaning app SD Maid was removed for policy violations. In this case, if you have downloaded the SD Maid app, then remove it.

Security will remain a threat
But if you have downloaded such apps in the phone, then it will have to be removed manually. Even if that app has been removed from the Google Play Store, it will remain a threat to your mobile and your security. In such a situation, like Google Play Store, you also have to remove such dangerous apps from the phone.