Tehsildar Prakash Kuduri Village in Minajagi Recommendation for selection of Minajagi under Vastavyasuvarna Gramodaya Yojana IG News

Kalaburagi, No. 19: Kalaburagi Tahsildar Prakash Kudari said that Minajagi village will be selected under the Suvarna Gramodaya Yojana and recommended to the Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer for developing other infrastructure including roads in the village.

As part of Nade-Halli side, the District Collector listened to the problems of the villagers as part of the village stay program held at Minajagemma Temple Avarana of Kalaburagi Taluk on Saturday.

There are mainly no roads in the village. The villagers brought to the notice of the tehsil that the roads leading to the fields and the cemetery land were encroached upon.
Responding to this, the Tehsildar said that the roads leading to the fields and the cemetery land would be cleared of encroachment.

In the event, orders were sanctioned on the spot for the beneficiaries of social security schemes of the Revenue Department such as Nirghatika Widow Pay, Sandhya Suraksha, Indira Gandhi Vridyapa Pay, Disability Pay and the order copies were distributed to the concerned beneficiaries.

Officials from various departments including agriculture, revenue and education were present on this occasion.


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