Telangana government has given full clarity on Dussehra holidays IG News

Telangana Sarkar has given clarity on Dussehra holidays. SCERT has asked the education department to give only nine days of vacation instead of 14 days for Dussehra. It has written to the state government that the rains in July and school holidays on September 17 reduced the working days by seven days, hence the Dussehra holidays should be shortened to nine days instead of 14 days. Due to this, the schedule of Dussehra holidays in the state is going to be changed for the last two days.

The education department has responded to this. The Education Department has clarified that there is no change in Dussehra holidays. Education Department Director Devasena stated that Dussehra holidays will be given as announced earlier. It has been clarified that Dussehra holidays will continue from 26th of this month to 9th of October. The education department has given an explanation in the wake of rumors about the shortening of holidays. Schools will reopen on October 10, it said.


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