Telangana Student: Salary of two crores per annum.. Student of Telangana agency who felt aura in America.. details IG News

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He is an ordinary young man. He grew up from a middle class family. He studied in normal government schools (Government School). After graduation, I didn’t think like everyone else. Jobs didn’t have the slightest hope. He got a job with an annual salary of two crores as if an elephant were to hit Kumbha Sthal. He joined the prestigious Intel as a scientist. This young man who grew up from Bhadradri Kothagudem district is now a role model for all. He is a young man who knows exactly what he wants and how to settle down, so no matter how many offers he gets, he moves ahead with mad clarity on what level of job he wants to do. This youth icon.. A job in the internationally prestigious Intel company is not just words. That too as a scientist.. that too with a salary of two crores annually.. This youth icon who stands as a role model for the youth is named Abhiram Reddy. Bhadradri hails from Gautaminagar, Ashwapuram Mandal, Kothagudem District. He proved that nothing is impossible to achieve if you study hard.

Bavi set an example for future Indian students that there is no wealth beyond the cross-continental education that one can achieve anything by studying in the country or abroad. Abhiram Reddy is an elephant from Ashwapuram Gautami Nagar Colony of Bhadradri Kothagudem District. He got a job as an Intel research scientist in America with a salary of two crores per year. Abhiram’s father Rameshwar Reddy works as a supervisor in the Manuguru Heavy Water Plant and Abhiram passed the local AECS school with 100% marks.

Similarly, he got a rank in NET and got admission in NISER. Completed Integrated M.Sc Physics. He did his Phd from University of Massachusetts, which is famous for Polymers Science and Engineering. After completing his doctorate in material science engineering, he joined Intel as a research scientist. Similarly, the teachers and residents of Gautam Nagar appreciated Abhiram’s achievement of green card with long publications.

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