Terry Gou: Foxconn founder Terry Gou will contest Taiwan’s presidential election, know why he is so discussed – Terry Gou Foxconn Founder Will Run Taiwan President Election 2024 Know About Him Why He Is In News IG News

terry gou foxconn founder will run taiwan president election 2024 know about him why he is in news

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Terry Gou, the founder of the giant tech company Foxconn, has announced to contest Taiwan’s presidential election in 2024. Gou has been trying to reach the country’s top post for a long time as in the past, Gou has tried his luck in Taiwan’s presidential election but had to face defeat at that time. Gou will contest as an independent candidate this time and to become the President of Taiwan, Gou will need signatures of 2,90,000 voters.

Let us inform that presidential elections are to be held in Taiwan in January next year. Apart from Terry Gou, the current Vice President Lai-ching-te is also in the race to become the President of Taiwan. Lai Ching Te is a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, the current ruling party of Taiwan and is currently the strongest candidate.

who is terry gou

Terry Gou is a Taiwanese billionaire businessman, founder and CEO of technology giant Foxconn. Foxconn is the world’s largest electronics manufacturing company, a supplier of Apple. More than seven lakh employees work in this company.

In 2016, Terry Gou resigned from Foxconn and joined the Kuomintang, Taiwan’s political party. After this, Terry Gou tried his luck in Taiwan’s presidential election but he was disappointed. After this, Terry Gou left the membership of the Kuomintang Party in the year 2019.

While contesting the presidential election of Taiwan in the year 2020, Terry Gou said that he was ordered by the goddess of the sea to contest the presidential election in a dream. Gou had said that he is contesting the election only on the instructions of the goddess of the sea.

Terry Gou’s road is not going to be easy as the Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation released a poll on July 20, according to which 15 percent of the people have supported Gou for the upcoming presidential election. While the current Vice-President Lai has got the support of 33.9 percent of the people. Ko Wen-Jie of the Taiwan People’s Party got 20 percent and another candidate, Hou, got 18 percent. It is clear that right now Terry Gou is lagging badly in the race.