Tharla Tar Mag Serial Update On 24 May Sayali And Arjun Tried To Sleep On Same Bed; If it is decided then: even sleeping in the same bed is a hindrance to contract marriage; Saili- Arjun will be like this IG News

Mumbai– The serial ‘Tharlam Ter Mag’ has won the hearts of the audience in a very short period of time. Within a few months, this series has reached the top of TRP. The various twists coming in the series and the different story of the series seems to be getting liked by the audience. Therefore, the audience also seems to be loving the series a lot. Both Arjun and Saili have become the favorite pair of the audience. But in the next episode of the series, Arjun and Sayli will face a new question. Although Arjun and Saili have a contract marriage in the serial, they have to work hard to hide it from the family. In that, once again both of them will be seen having fun. Arjun’s mother knew that Arjun and Saili are sleeping separately despite being husband and wife despite staying in the same room. On that, she also asked the question why Sally sleeps on the floor in front of the family. But to kill time, Arjun had lied that he had filled Saili’s waist with elastic. Then his brass kept falling open. But realizing that he will have no answer if it happens again, Arjun is going to ask Saili to sleep in bed with him. Sally is going to refuse him saying how can we sleep in the same bed. On this Arjun is going to tell her that we should sit on our respective sides of the bed. One two three said to go straight to sleep. They both try to do so but it will not be of any use.

Sleeping in the same bed is going to be difficult for both of them. Sayli will find it difficult to sleep next to Arjun while Arjun will only pretend to sleep comfortably. Now it will be interesting to see how both of them will find a way out of this situation. The audience is also eager to watch the next episode.

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