The abandoned condition of TMII is circulating on Twitter, here’s a portrait

The abandoned condition of TMII is circulating on Twitter, here’s a portrait – Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is known as a popular tourist destination and is often the choice of tourists. This tourist park area is quite iconic because it carries the theme of Indonesian culture. This 150 hectare area presents a variety of exciting rides.

But recently, circulating on Twitter the latest condition of TMII which has been neglected. Reported from the upload of the Twitter account @RomitsuT on Friday (21/1), there is a compilation video that compares the condition of TMII before and now.

In his tweet, he wrote his complaint, “TMII before and after it was taken over and managed by the government. Ambyeaaarrrrrrrr……damaging not improving,”

Abandoned TMII © Twitter


foto: Twitter/@RomitsuT

There is a portrait of the communication museum whose roof is covered with moss. The paint also looks faded. Then there is the Snow Bay swimming pool which also looks unfit for use. The swimming pool that used to be a favorite of visitors, now looks filled with dirty puddles and scattered leaves.

As of this writing, the post has been retweeted more than 1,900 times. Netizens are also busy sharing their experiences of going to TMII. Because of that, TMII’s neglected condition made the netizens regret and disappointed.

“Even though it’s murky entertainment, try it every weekend or holiday season when you go to that area, it’s muaceful. It’s a shame if it’s not well maintained now,” commented the account @adiyatnika.

“How come it’s scary. The playing arena is like a test of guts,” added the @Bebque__ account.

“Last week the atmosphere was really gloomy, even though TMII is a beautiful childhood memory that deserves to be remembered,” said the account @derafa74.



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