The alleged audio of the Tosha Khana case judge’s wife was also leaked, leaving the listeners shocked IG News

The alleged audio of Tosha Khana case judge’s wife was also leaked, listeners were surprised…

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) The alleged audio call of Nadia Zafar, the wife of Additional District and Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal, who heard the Tosha Khana case, has been leaked.

In the alleged audio that appeared on social media, Nadia Zafar said that “Some of them have a case against Khan, on the other hand, a woman named Shaheen Parveen says, “Yes, of course, Nadia Zafar says.” “For this reason, we have finished a lot of movement today, Inshallah, our full plan is that once Allah makes him (Imran Khan) a leader with dignity, then he will definitely come to you to relax.” “Of course,” says Shaheen Parveen. Then Nadia Zafar says, “At this time he (Zafar Iqbal) is under a lot of pressure, the rest of Kashif’s brother is also talking about Zafar.”