The biggest mass wedding is going to be held in Rajasthan, 5 lakh people will come as guests IG News

Barra: Big news is coming from Barra, a small district of Rajasthan. Weddings are so big that Guinness Book holders are also coming here. It is claimed that this is the biggest wedding. 2200 couples will tie the knot. Several big leaders including CM Ashok Gehlot are the chief guests. There is a discussion that the wedding is costing about a hundred crores, which many leaders and organizations will jointly take.

Preparations are going on for a month, 5 lakh guests will come

In fact, this is being organized in the name of Sarva Dharma Free Marriage Convention. Five lakh people will come as guests. Preparations for this biggest wedding have been going on for a month. According to the organizers, work is going on on about one thousand bighas of land in rural areas outside the city. This work has been going on for a month. About four thousand big and small pandals have been installed. Separate arrangements are made for the groom and extended family.Also Read: VIDEO: Government of India Releases Video of New Parliament Building, See What Our Parliament Looks Like From Inside

8 thousand Volitiers will make 5 lakh kg of food

Two thousand people are preparing food for seven days. A separate staff of six thousand people has been called. Who are looking for food and other responsibilities. A 17 km long pipe line has been laid in the entire area to supply one crore liters of water. In food, 800 quintals of besan barfi, 800 quintals of Nukti, 350 quintals of namkeen have been made.

The preparation for making about two thousand kilos of puri and dal has started from this evening. Food will be served from 10 am to 6 pm tomorrow and tractors have been hired to transport goods from one place to another. The number of which is about 300. The sugar is directly sourced from sugar mills in Maharashtra. The weight of which is 300 quintals. Besides this 1000 quintal lot has arrived. About 300 quintal stock is kept separately. Desi ghee 1250 cans and groundnut oil 2500 cans have been produced. Half of the stock has been kept separately.

25 thousand people will eat food together

About thirty pandals are set up separately for eating. About fifty thousand people can eat together in each pandal. Media in-charge Manoj Jain Adinath, who is overseeing the work of the mass wedding ceremony, said that the entire team is busy. It has been a month. Everything is being done systematically.

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