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The bodies of three children were found locked in boxes in the house.

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Khairpur (Daily Pakistan Online) The bodies of three children from a house in Khairpur were found locked in boxes.
Private television station “Jeonews” said police had found the bodies of three children in a house in Gothwoodsming area. Khairpur city Police said the bodies belonged to the same family and that the deceased were brothers and sisters. cousin According to police, the child’s body was found in a box in the house. The body was taken into custody and an investigation process began.
On the other hand, while talking to the media about the incident, SSP Khairpur said that a post-mortem examination was being carried out on the body found in a house in Goth Wadsming and when a family member opened the box today, it was found that it was the body of a child. SSP Khairpur said Preliminary investigation revealed that the children hid in the box while playing and that all three children died of suffocation due to the lid closing the box.

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