The brotherhood of the Punjab and Haryana governments against the farmers, the police of both made Chandigarh the Indo-Pak border IG News

Due to accumulation of sand in the fields on the banks of Yamuna, the crop has been completely ruined. Farmers are also very angry with the government which has come up with a scheme regarding the sand deposited in the fields. The government is saying that the farmers whose fields have accumulated a large amount of sand due to floods. Those farmers will be able to sell this sand in the market. Due to this, the farmers will be benefited more than the government compensation, but only those farmers will be allowed to sell sand, who are ready to give up the compensation amount. For this, the committee constituted under the chairmanship of DC will conduct the auction. One-third of the money received will go to the farmers and two-thirds to the government. Means if sand worth one lakh rupees is sold, then the farmers will get only 33 thousand rupees. 67 thousand rupees will go to the government’s account.

In fact, the Khattar government argues that farmers get Rs 15,000 per acre as compensation, which would more than double this amount. Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala is telling more benefits to the farmer than this. In this too, the condition will be that farmers will get only up to Rs 10 lakh. Farmers are also angry with this scheme of the government. They say that the sand is in the farmer’s field, so the farmer has full rights over it. Who is the government to eat the share of the farmer. The government should first increase our compensation from Rs 15 thousand per acre to Rs 50 thousand per acre.

President of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Chadhuni) Gurunam Singh Chadhuni says that if the farmers demand their rights, will the government run and beat them. Will she kill the farmer? The government is not doing it right. At the same time, Chadhuni has warned the government on the question of lifting sand from the fields of flood-affected farmers. He said that we will go to the farm there. Let’s see how the government picks up the sand. When the sand is in the farmer’s field then who is the government to lift it. The farmers are demanding compensation of Rs 50,000 per acre. United Kisan Morcha has called a meeting on September 2, in which further strategy will be decided.