The capital of Andhra Pradesh is changing, said the Chief Minister IG News

Puber Kalam Webdesk: Andhra Pradesh is going to get a new capital. State Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy announced this on Tuesday. The Andhra government is organizing the Global Investor Summit in Visakhapatnam next March. As a preparation, Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy attended the ‘International Diplomatic Alliance Meet’ in New Delhi.

Speaking at the conference, he said that Visakhapatnam is going to be the capital of the state in the future. I will start staying there myself.

On this day, the Chief Minister also said that an international trade conference is being organized in Visakhapatnam on March 3-4. I invite you all there.

Note that since independence, Hyderabad has been the capital of Andhra. But the government was administered from Amravati. This city of the state houses all the government secretariats, along with the assembly, and the high court.
But from now Visakhapatnam, which was earlier known as Vizag, is going to be the capital of the state. It is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh.

Incidentally, in 2020, Andhra Pradesh issued the ‘Decentralization and Inclusive Development of All Regions Act’. The act proposed setting up three state capitals – Visakhapatnam (executive capital), Amaravati (legislative capital) and Kurnool (judicial capital).

However, intense debate started around this proposal. As a result, the new law was withdrawn by the Reddy government in November 2022. This time the capital was shifted from Amravati to Visakhapatnam.
Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy said that the Governor’s residence and office will be in Visakhapatnam. Besides, the state secretariat and the chief minister’s residence will also be in this city. However, the assembly will be run from Amravati.

The capital is said to be moving up from Amravati to the beach town of South India due to administrative reasons. The identification of a new capital for Andhra Pradesh has been a source of social, legal, economic and political conflict over the past few years.