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Gasol: Gajol people had high hopes on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Aamjanta thought Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee would surely announce several projects for Gajol before the panchayat polls. The Chief Minister will give a big message especially about Gajol municipality and setting up a fire station in Gajol. But nothing was found. The Chief Minister spoke about upgrading only Gajol Gramin Hospital to State General Hospital in Pawar. No green signal was given regarding women’s college either. The chief minister said that women’s college will be considered later. As a result, not only the residents of Gajol were disappointed, but also the residents of Chanchol and Kaliachak were disappointed. Residents of these two areas also wanted the Chief Minister to declare Chanchol and Kaliachak as municipalities along with Gajol. But this day the Chief Minister did not even walk by the side of them. 1,200 crore projects have been announced for the three districts of Gaur Bengal, but none of the demands that are strong among the people have been implemented. Disappointed Gajol residents say “the taste of milk has to be met with ghol”. Political circles believe that this may affect the next panchayat elections.

The vote actually became a strong demand of the municipality. But not only Gajol, no new municipality was formed in Malda district after independence. And through all these incidents the tone of “injustice is being done to North Bengal” is getting louder. Housewife Basanti Sarkar, a resident of Krishnapally area, said that we are facing various problems for not becoming a municipality. We have to face extreme problems especially while throwing garbage or rubbish. As there is no garbage collection system, any empty space in the area is chosen as Bhagar. All garbage is thrown there. The environment of that area is being poisoned by the stench. Drinking water was available at the municipal hall at certain times. Lights were installed in neighborhoods. Roads were also much improved. We had high hopes that the Chief Minister might declare Gajol as a municipality this time. But he said nothing about this. We are disappointed.

Another resident Apurba Sarkar said, We expected a lot from the Chief Minister. Municipality, construction of fire station, women’s college, upgradation of Gajol Gramin Hospital to State General Hospital, drainage system, self-contained bus stand. Among these, our main demands were to make Gajol a municipality and to set up a fire station. But I didn’t get anything. Chief Minister announced to upgrade only Gajol Gramin Hospital to State General Hospital. We have received information that the 100-bed Covid ward being constructed at Gajol Rural Hospital is probably being done with central funds. Our fears lie elsewhere. The building is being constructed. But can you find a doctor? There was a lot of difference between our wants and needs. It seems as if “we got a nerve instead of a nose”.

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