The class room is a liquor godown.. Night after night the room is full of liquor bottles.. IG News

What are the classrooms? Don’t think this is a crazy question. The classroom has benches for children and chairs for teachers along with a black board. But in one school there are liquor bottles. Not empty drunken bottles. Even the seal was not removed.. Full bottles…! A large quantity of liquor bottles were found in the classroom where the students study every day. This incident took place in Bihar. Liquor prohibition is in force in Bihar. Even if a small bottle of liquor is found there, it is a crime. The police arrest him and put him in jail. But a huge amount of alcohol was found in a government school in Vaishali district. Foreign liquor bottles..cartons were found. And how did liquor get into the classroom? Who is behind this? Let’s know the complete details. There is a government school in Vrindavan village under Lalganj police station of Vaishali district. Adesh Pal, a teacher, went to school as usual on Wednesday morning. Two locks were found for a room. They are not the locks they use regularly. are different. After breaking the lock they had put two new locks, he got suspicious. He immediately called the school principal and said. School Principal Pawan Kumar Shukla visited the school and inspected it. Later informed the police along with village sarpanch. They reached the school and broke the locks of the room. Everyone went inside and saw a shocking scene. The room was full of cartons of liquor bottles.

A total of 140 cartons of liquor were found in the class room, Lalganj police said. All that liquor was seized and taken to the police station. As liquor ban is in force in Bihar, liquor mafia is supplying liquor illegally. Cases of illegal liquor are being reported in many places. In this background, it is believed that liquor mafia may have hidden liquor in the school. Liquor was moved at midnight…the class room was used as a godown. But the police are investigating who is behind this. If they are found.. there is a chance to know more details. Where are you getting the alcohol from? How to cross check posts? It will be clear. The police revealed that they will catch the liquor mafia soon.

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