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The Congress accused the BJP of ‘tax terrorism’ after receiving income tax notice worth Rs 1,800 crore.

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In the latest announcement received from the Income Tax Department. Congress said that if the same parameters were used The violations of tax laws by the BJP amount to Rs 4,617.58 crore. The Income Tax Department and the Election Commission have turned a blind eye to the shortcomings of the BJP and only saw the Parliament.

Jai Ram Ramesh, Ajay Maken and Pawan Kheda at Friday’s press conference (Image courtesy: X/@INCIndia)

New Delhi: This comes after the Congress received a fresh notice worth over Rs 1,800 crore from the Income Tax (IT) department regarding alleged discrepancies in previous year’s tax returns. The party has accused the BJP of “taxing” opposition parties ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, accused of being involved in terrorism’.

According to a report in Indian Express, Jairam Ramesh of the Congress said during a press conference on Friday (March 29), “BJP is involved in tax terrorism. And they are trying to economically weaken Congress.”

Addressing the media, senior party leader Ajay Maken accused the BJP of gross violation of tax laws. He said, “The IT department should demand more than Rs 4,600 crore from the BJP.”

Makin said the party had analyzed the BJP’s donations on the Election Commission’s website and found that in the fiscal year 2017-18, the party received Rs 4.5 lakh from 92 anonymous donations and Rs 42 crore was received. Donated Rs 1,297 million without address

In a statement, the party said that political parties in India are exempt from the Income Tax Act under Section 13 but only the Congress and like-minded opposition parties are being targeted. “BJP’s Revenue Department”

The party said that the BJP itself has committed serious violations of income tax laws every year.

“When we analyzed the last two years, it was found that the BJP received 253 anonymous donations worth Rs 2.5 crore,” Makin said.

Maken said the BJP received Rs 1.05 crore from 126 donors without addresses. The Income Tax Department and the Election Commission have turned a blind eye to the BJP’s shortcomings and are only seeing the Congress.

Maken said, “BJP should pay a penalty of Rs 4,617.58 crore over the last seven years. The Internal Revenue Service is meeting with Congress. But why is the violation of the BJP not seen? It can be seen on the Election Commission’s website along with the arguments of the BJP. Can it be called equal opportunity?

He said, “The income tax authority has demanded Rs 1,823.08 crore from us. But if we use the same parameters Tax law violations by the BJP also amounted to Rs 4,617.58 crore. What kind of equal opportunity is this? And where is democracy in our country today?’

Please note that this latest announcement to Congress follows the IT Department’s announcement for ‘Unaccounted for transactions’ worth Rs 523.87 crore during 2014-2021, this has caused a huge blow to the party. The Revenue Department’s accounts recently recovered Rs 1,350 million from past dues.

During an IT attack ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, “unaccounted transactions” worth Rs 523.87 crore were detected.

in march The Congressman lost an appeal to the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) seeking a ban on withdrawal of Rs 135 crore from bank accounts on March 22. She also lost a petition challenging the Income Tax Department’s raid in the Delhi High Court. The party argued that these were ‘Delayed action’

on Friday The party questioned whether the Congress was a tax-free political party. So why are they forced to pay income tax in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections?

He asked, ‘Why is the BJP or its allies not being treated equally?’ Meghind said the party would approach the Supreme Court next week regarding the Income Tax Department’s demands.

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