The Congress MLAs who came to Vail for protesting in the Legislative Assembly were suspended for a day IG News

Gandhinagar: A two-day monsoon session has been held in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. In which the Congress MLAs started protesting even before coming to the Legislative Assembly today. Along with this, Congress MLAs protested by going to the Legislative Assembly and coming to Vel. Due to which the Congress MLAs in Vail have been suspended for today.

‘Congress is undermining democracy’

The Speaker of the Assembly requested the Congress to maintain the dignity of the House and let the proceedings of the House go ahead while continuing to chant slogans and play cards in the House. Are senior members and represent the people. You can submit under the rule of democracy. Appearances and piercings are not allowed inside the house. After the uproar of the Congress, Rajendra Trivedi appealed and said that the members should discuss the question of short term. Use the time. Discuss under Constitution. Congress is destroying democracy.

‘Lakhs of employees forced to come on road’

Amit Chavda of Congress while questioning the government said that people’s issues are avoided from being discussed. More than 15 lakh state employees have hit the road. If the Congress demands to discuss their questions, no time is given for it. He does not listen to the questions of the farmers of Gujarat.

Begin the session with short term questions. Leader of Opposition Sukhram Rathwa stood up to speak. Requested to give time for half an hour discussion. MLAs of the Congress party stood up in the assembly. Protested with playing card in hand. There is an uproar even before the session begins. The MLAs of the Congress party in the House stood on their seats. Slogans were chanted towards the table. Raised slogans of “Giving justice to government employees”. The Congress has registered a ruckus in the House by protesting. Protests over various issues and demands. The slogans of giving justice to government employees, agitators were started by the Congress party.

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