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She died. He was buried in a grave and performed the last rites. But on the third day, when all the relatives were engaged in the activities, she returned again. Everyone was shocked to see the dead woman come back home. This is strange.. they said. But there is an interesting story behind it. Of course the woman didn’t die. The family members performed the last rites thinking that it was another woman who had died. After that, her return the next day was the talk of the town. A 72-year-old woman named Chandra lives in Gunduvanchari area of ​​Chengalpattu district in Tamil Nadu. Since her husband died many years ago, she is staying at the house of her eldest son Vadivelu (48). Vadivelu is working in a private company in Couvathur. Whenever Chandra is under mental pressure, when her mind is not good.. she goes to a temple in Singaperumal Koil. It is 22 km from their area. will be at a distance. Chandra went to the temple as usual on Monday. But she did not return even after dark. They searched all over the country for the mother. But nowhere to be found. In this order, he filed a missing case in the police station. On Tuesday evening, the police called Vadivelu and informed that a woman had died in a railway accident near Tambaram. She might be your mother. When the police said that, they didn’t give a damn. He immediately went there. The dead body’s face was disfigured beyond recognition. The saree is like her mother’s saree. He also noticed a scar on his hand. She was his mother.. he wept bitterly. After the police handed over the body, the last rites were performed on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, on the third day, the family members planned to prepare mother’s favorite dishes and place them at the grave. While in those arrangements..Chandra came home. Everyone was shocked to see her. When he said that he is not dead, he was shocked.

And there was confusion over the identity of the buried body. On receiving the information, the police went to the village and dug the grave. The dead body was taken out and taken to Chrompet Government Hospital Mortuary. It has been revealed that the incident is being investigated.

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