The death of a girl and the injury of (7) people due to the delinquency of the game ship in Wad Madani Park


A delinquency accident in the “Ship” game in Al Jazeera Park in Wad Medani yesterday evening led to the death of a girl and the injury of (7) other children in Al Jazeera Park in Wad Medani.

According to the follow-ups of the (police press office), as soon as the civil defense department in the state received the report, which created a state of anxiety and fear among the stranded children and their families and the park goers, the civil defense department pushed the ground rescue team to the scene of the accident, in the presence of the director of the criminal department, the director of the defense department, the director of the security police department and the director of Local police, Madani al-Kubra, the commander of the MilitIG Intelligence Division, and members of the joint mechanism forces on the island. The joint forces and the ground rescue team, accompanied by the games and operation technician, began evacuating the park and disembarking the stranded. The injured children were rescued, and their number was (8) children, while (7) were injured, including minor injuries, and another girl was in a critical condition and later died while receiving medical care at the Accident Hospital in Boudmadani.

In the same context, the State Security Committee directed the suspension of all games in the city’s parks until reviewing them and completing the investigation into the causes of the ship’s game accident in Al Jazeera Park.

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