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The dialogue was written in 3 days… Actress Panumathi walked out halfway through: Is the narrator the reason? IG News


Actress in Indian cinema, Director, Producer, Music composer, Banumathi named as a versatile actress by the editor, He has acted in many Tamil films. Banumathi made her film debut in Vara Vikrayam which was released in 1939 and she made her debut in Tamil cinema with Chandana Devan which was released in the same year.

Followed by Rajamukta, Rare brothers, Laila Majnu, Banumathi acted in many films including Nallathambi, Alibaba and 40 thieves with MGR, Madurai warrior, He acted in many films including Raja Desingu. Chakrabani was released in 1954, In 1975, Sivakumar composed music for two films, Sivayum Or Pen starring Panumathi. She also sang songs in many films as a singer.

If he doesn’t like Banumathi because it involves a lot of skills, He will leave the set halfway through the film. In this way he left the film Annai produced by AVM saying that I will not act in this film again. Because the reason he gave was reasonable, The team changed it and reassigned it to Panumatha.

Annai is a 1962 film directed by Krishnan Panchu. Produced by AVM, this movie features Banumathi, Saukar Janaki, Nagesh, Chandrababu, There were many others in it. KS Gopalakrishnan wrote the dialogues for the film, which is based on a Bengali novel. Meiyappa Chettiar said that KS Gopalakrishnan should be on the sets when the shooting of this film starts.

Accordingly, lively shooting began, One day Banumathi, He immediately left the shooting scene and said that he will no longer act in this film. AV Meiyappa Chettiar came to know about it, The directors sent KS Gopalakrishnan along with Krishnan Panchu to question Banumathi. So they went to Banumathi’s house and found all three, Well processed. After that, they asked about his exit from the shoot.

Banumathi replied to this story this story is the love struggle of a mother. She is the best mother for a child? Or the best mother that raised? He proves it in this movie, In today’s scene, at the moment of my husband’s death, how long will it take to tell my child that I am your mother? What is the answer in my character??

Because my character was calm there, There the strength of my character disappeared. No matter how much I act in this movie, He said it wouldn’t be right. Both Krishnan and Panchu ask what to do about it, Chaukar Janaki was right. You have to write a verse to replace it. He said that this is the only way this film will be successful.

After that KS Gopalakrishnan re-wrote the dialogues for this particular scene and Banumathi did a fantastic job. It is worth noting that this film also released and received great response.

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