The Diaspora Panel in Hum tried to add the extremist Pinan and SFJ to the no-fly list IG news

The fabric of terrorism
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A panel of NRIs in the US has demanded that terrorist group Tunat Singh Panu and his banned outfit Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) be included in the ‘no-fly list’. In fact, India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Monday registered a case against Pannu for allegedly trying to ‘target and disrupt the transport sector in India’. Pannu has released a video and advised Sikhs not to fly Air India on and after November 19, terming it a threat to their lives.

Strict action should be taken against the separatist Sikh leader.

Participants in a panel discussion on terrorism and hate within Canada organized by the Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies (FIIDS), a group of Indian-Americans and Indian-Canadians, emphasized that now is the time. It is time for governments to take action against the SFJ. Strict action against separatist Sikh leader.

Ban on anti-India activities of SFJ

SFJ is a US-based organization banned in India under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) for anti-India activities. The group was banned in 2019. Also, on 1 July 2020, Panon was declared an individual terrorist under the UAPA for promoting separatism and allegedly encouraging Punjabi Sikh youth to take up arms.

Freedom of speech is misrepresented.

FIIDS Khandrao Kand said, ‘Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has misrepresented freedom of expression for the freedom of terrorism. Also, his accusations against India for the killing of Najjar have fueled anti-Indian and anti-Hindu crimes in Canada. “His policies appear to ignore the dangers of extremism that will negatively impact Canada.”

Why not put on the no-fly list?

Kand added, ‘The panel members questioned why the members of Group Tunat Pannu and SFJ were not put on the no-fly list for threatening to travel by Air India?’

Sow historical seeds of hatred.

Additionally, California-based Sikhi Chahal said that both the British and the Congress Party had sown historical seeds of hatred between Hindus and Sikhs. Sikhs for Justice did not represent Sikhs but propagated hatred against Hindus and Sikhs. Chahal stressed the collective responsibility to end this narrative, connect with the voiceless Sikh community and recognize that many Sikhs have fallen under the influence of fake Khalistanis, funded by Western states. Help is available.

Suppression of liberal voices

Canada’s Rochi Walia mentioned the importance of unity between Hindus and Sikhs. At the same time, Canadian Hindus for Harmony spokesperson Vijay Jain stressed that fundamentalists are stifling liberal voices and are a threat to peace and harmony. He emphasized the importance of involvement at the community and political level.

45 years ago Canada…

The current threat to Indians in Canada, especially from Khalistani terrorists, started about 45 years ago with Pierre Trudeau, the former Prime Minister of Canada and the father of the current Prime Minister, FIIDS analyst Mohan Sonthi said. .