The fake police extorted money by blackmailing the watchman in a honeytrap IG News

  • He took her to Udhana’s flat and took an obscene video with the girl
  • Wearing khaki masks with handcuffs and police symbols, they demanded 5 lakhs
  • 4 youths rushed in and identified themselves as the police and searched the scene

A gang of thugs blackmailed a watchman living in Surat’s Mahidharpura in a honeytrap and took away 69,000. Udhana police registered a case and arrested a total of five fake policemen and women.

According to the details, Kashinath (age 38, native of Telangana) residing in Swagat Apartment at Mahidharpura works as a watchman and jeweler. Six months ago, Kashinath went to clean Seth’s farmhouse at Palsana with his wife. While returning in the afternoon, the moped ran out of petrol on the main road in the afternoon. While pushing the moped, the stranger helped by giving petrol. That helper told his name as Jitu and got to know Kashinath’s name-address, mobile number. Jeetu often called Kashinath. Ten days ago, Jitu called Kashinath to meet him.

Last Date On 6th he went to meet Jeetu near BRC temple. Jitu took Kashinath to the eighth floor of Shishakti apartment near here. Kashinathan sat in the room and locked the door from inside. Meanwhile, a girl entered the room. By the time Kashinath could think of something, 4 youths had rushed in and identified themselves as the police. The two youths had handcuffs hanging from their waists and wore khaki masks with police symbols. They forced Kashinath to sleep on the bed and took obscene photos and videos with the girl.

Police threatened to file a case and demanded 5 lakhs to avoid the case. Kashinath was beaten to death after demanding 2 lakhs. Kashinath was ready to give 50 thousand. Calling him a medical emergency, he asked a friend for 50,000. Then a young man took the wife’s credit card from Kashinath’s purse. He threatened to withdraw Rs 18,999 from the ATM by asking for the password.

Five accused including woman arrested

The victim Kashinath filed a complaint against the unknown persons in the Udhana police. The Udhana police have arrested Jeetu alias Jitendra Omprakash Sharma (Rest. Rameshwarnagar Society, Pandesara), Rajesh alias Raj Shambhu Patil (Rest. Saidarshan Apartment, Dindoli), Sunil Punju Suryavanshi (Rest. Laxminarayan Society, Dindoli), Jageshwar alias Raja Ramnaresh Chaudhary (Rest. Shivshakti Apartment, Udhana) and Sumaben Miraj Shaikh (Rest. Kanskiwad, Bhagal) were arrested.


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