The heavenly view of the hill station Mount Abu due to the rain, tourists thrilled IG News

A breathtaking view of the lake
In the hill station Mount Abu, the atmosphere has become pleasant due to continuous rains. Tourists are enthralled by the sight of the sun god playing hide and seek along with the mist covered mountains, gushing waterfalls and clouds. Mount Abu has received 1,197 mm of rainfall so far in the monsoon season.

A view of Mount Abu in the rain
Due to the rain, waterfalls have started flowing from the mountains, which tourists are enjoying a lot. Water revenue has increased in Nakhi Lake. Tourists are taking selfies on the mountains near Nakhi Lake, looking at the majestic Vanrai amidst the fog and cloud cover. The riverbed has started to overflow and become a river. Seeing the overflowing Nakhi lake for the past few days, the local residents are happy.

Tourists climbing the hill to enjoy the weather
Surrounded by lush green plains, Mount Abu is the single highest and nearest hill station in Rajasthan. It is also called ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan’. The natural beauty of Mount Abu wins the hearts of tourists. Millions of tourists visit Mount Abu every year to enjoy the weather.

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The gushing sound of water is like music to the soul. If you are looking for peace and rejuvenation, then you must visit this hidden fall near Sunrise Point in Mount Abu.#Waterfall #waterfallsofrajasthan #Monsoon #water #MountAbu #travel #travelvideo #Rajasthan #RajasthanTourism

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