The husband went to his father-in-law’s house to see his wife. IG News

Rajendra Saini hails from Sigar, Rajasthan. The 36-year-old married Amreen from Madhya Pradesh state in 2021. Saini’s wife Amreen hails from Khandwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Saini had moved to the town two years ago for construction work. Then the two got acquainted and it turned into love.

When the women’s family did not agree to their marriage, Amreen left home and got married and started living in Jaipur. Amreen’s family reported their daughter missing to the police. Amreen and Saini were interrogated accordingly. Amreen said that she married Saini on her own will. Both the couple continued to live together in Rajasthan.

In this case, 5 months ago Amreen went to his hometown in Madhya Pradesh to visit his parents. After that, he never returned home. Concerned over this, Saini went to Amreen’s parents’ house. Then Saini was attacked by Amreen’s family saying that they could not send their daughter. Saddened, he returned home, and on May 13, Saini again went to see his wife.

This time, Amreen’s father and his brother brutally beat up Saini. In this, Saini was seriously injured and admitted to the hospital. But he died the next day without treatment. Saini’s brother lodged a complaint at Khandwa police station regarding the incident.

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A case has been registered against Amreen’s brother Salman, mother Munnibai and father Mumtaz. Saini’s brother Kishore Saini said in his complaint that Amreen’s house did not approve the marriage because Saini belonged to a different religion. Police are actively investigating the incident.

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