The ideal values ​​of Sant Sharan should be adopted IG News

Harihara Ma 30: The servant of God the speaker is exemplary. Tehsildar Prithvi Sanikam said that he worked to improve the entire society socially and religiously by doing weaving work and paid floral tributes to the portrait of Sharan in the Deva Dasimaiya Jayantotsava program held on behalf of the taluk administration. We are seeing the economic changes in those times. The people who laid the solid foundation for all of this were the saints, Dasimaiya Sharan, the handmaiden of God. He said that everyone’s role is very important to build a good and healthy society by adopting the ideal values ​​of such a great man. Retired teacher Mallikarjuna Devanga said that he made a welfare revolution by creating verses that included the basic cell of democracy. Dasimaiya of God Basavanna is also the first Adhya Vachanakara Dasimaiya of God. His thoughts were taken to a higher level by Basavanna. There are 176 vachanas composed by Dasimaiah, which bear the name Ramanatha Kavyana. Dasimayya said through vachanas that divinity is conscience and conscience is God. Mercy, love, trust, faith, affection are divine elements. Among these, love is worshiped as God by our present youth. Let not this worship teach immorality. Verses created centuries ago guide us in how we should live in society. He explained that because it is a structure of vachanas, it is about the lives of common people.