The implementation work of the Department of Education, Jalpaiguri, on the guidelines for building school-to-school houses with students IG News

Nagrakata: The Education Department had earlier issued guidelines for building school houses for students of classes VI to XII. Now the work has started in Jalpaiguri district to implement that plan. For this reason, training camps have already been held with head teachers and TICs in every education circle.

Similar camps were held in Nagarakata and Meteli on Tuesday. Everything is explained there through power point presentation. Schools have been asked to provide the house name and number by November 30. Houses will be built in the names of elite people who are artisans of social change. The proposed house names of the schools will go to the government committee constituted at the district level for this purpose. From there green signal will be given after checking everything. From the new academic year, the house system will be introduced in government schools as well as private schools. In addition, it has been said to start working on the freshman festival or graduation ceremony in the new academic year, fun classes with students in the last period every Saturday, the formation of children’s councils and reading habits.

Vijay Chandra Roy, Inspector of Avar Vidyalayas, Meteli Circle, said that there is a government directive to conclude discussions with the headmasters by the third week of November regarding the 5 new schemes to be implemented in the schools. Accordingly, today’s discussion meeting. The aim of the new plan is to strengthen the student-teacher relationship as well as the overall development of the students.

It is known from the related sources that the house has been ordered to be built for the students of classes 6 to 12, but primary schools can also do it if necessary. The teachers will be in charge of the house. Their role is that of house master. The house captain will be chosen from among the students. More than one house may be in schools. Children of the House will take initiative on various issues like signature programme, clean environment, compliance with health regulations, use of alternative fuels. All students who pass the new class will be updated on the day of the January 2nd graduation ceremony. New books will be given to them on the same day. It is said that the new book has already arrived in the district. The Department of Education has informed that the selection of class monitors, cultural monitors, sports monitors, mid-day meal monitors can also be done on the day of Navin Varan Utsab. Arrangements have also been made to hang the pictures of all the students of each class as well as the pictures of the class teachers.

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