The latest Mobile Legends (ML) redeem code December 8th, the prizes are men

The latest Mobile Legends (ML) redeem code December 8th, the prizes are men – To kick off the month of December, the famous Montoon company created game Mobile Legends is not stingy in sharing gifts to its players. Moreover, the prizes are varied and interesting, such as diamonds, skins, double EXP, tickets, fragments, battle points, and many more.

Same as game Another well-known smartphone, the developer’s way of distributing free gifts to the players is through the redeem code. Later, gamers just claim the code to the redeem column to be exchanged for attractive prizes.

These codes can be found from various sources, ranging from code shared by Montoon himself, streamers who play Mobile Legends games, or other sources such as the official Mobile Legends account on Instagram.

Without further ado, here collect Mobile Legends game redeem codes that you can try to claim new and interesting prizes, from IVWAR21 and other ML content creators.



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6. remfsbxsx2qu22cwh

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10. sa8c1h7tv

11. k29k2g7tv

As additional information, if you are still confused about making a code claim, you can follow these steps:

Latest Mobile Legends redeem code © 2021

photo: Mobile Legends

1. Browse the Mobile Legends redeem code claim site

2. Enter one of the codes above.

3. Enter the Mobile Legends account ID.

4. Press the “Send” button next to the Verification Code.

5. Enter the game and open the mail.

6. After that, go back to the website earlier and enter the code from the in-game mail earlier.

7. Press the “Redeem” button and the process is complete. Prizes will be sent directly to messages in the Mobile Legends game.

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