The life of a newborn child was saved by breathing through the mouth, the video of Agra’s doctor’s office went viral IG News

A video of a doctor from Agra has gone viral once again. It has been viewed more than 1 million times. In this video, she is seen saving a newborn child from the clutches of death. Internet and social media users are praising him as a form of God. This video is from March this year but it has gone viral for the second time. It features doctor Surekha Chaudhary, who saved the newborn by breathing through her mouth when there was no response from oxygen support. Once again Dr. Surekha Chaudhary is in the headlines.

In the viral video, Dr. Surekha Chaudhary saved the life of a newborn baby by breathing through her mouth for about seven minutes. In fact, this incident happened in CHC of Agra. Here a baby girl did not cry nor did her body move after being born. Oxygen was immediately administered to the newborn, but even this did not cause any movement in his body. After this, Dr. Surekha Chaudhary started mouth breathing and she continued to do so for about 7 minutes. After this, the newborn baby’s body moved and she survived.

A 26-second video of this incident has been posted on social media by a policeman. Saluting the doctor’s efforts in his post, he posted the video with the hashtags, doctor and salute. In this post, he has told that a baby girl was born in Agra’s CHC hospital and after 7 minutes of trying, Dr. Surekha saved her. Now the video watchers are wishing the doctor all the best. However, policeman Sachin Kaushik had no idea that his post would go viral. He corrected his next post saying that the correct name of the doctor is Surekha, whereas in the first post her name was changed to Sulekha.

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