The lionesses came to the fields, the farmer was making a video standing near the place of escape… IG News

Lioness Viral Video: Sometimes some such videos come out on social media, which make people angry. Especially when we watch videos of wild animals, we shudder and when it comes to their prey, we are shocked to see their cruelty.

Currently, one such video is going viral, in which not one but three lionesses are seen. If a lion comes in front of you, it is obvious that your condition will deteriorate due to fear and you will start thinking of running away from there.

But in the viral video, a person is making a video of them very comfortably, while there are not one but three lionesses in front of him.

In this viral video, you can see that the lionesses are walking in the fields. There is a person standing in front of him, who is not afraid to see them, but is taking a picture or video of him comfortably with his mobile in hand. People are shocked to see the video.

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