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The Little Newton of Gaza, generating wind electricity IG News


A 15-year-old Palestinian boy known as the ‘Newton of Gaza’ has taken responsibility for supplying electricity to his besieged countrymen.

How Hossam managed this feat interests energy sector experts, and the answer is that the tiny Newton used the remains of the heavy weapons with which Israel destroyed Gaza. Hossam al-Attar was a schoolboy in the Beit Lahiya area of ​​northern Gaza before the Israeli offensive. , which began after October 7. After several days of traveling on foot, Khan Yunis and Khan Yunis reached the city of Rafa near the border with Egypt. According to a foreign news agency, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy, Hossam al-Attar, was named the “Newton of Gaze” for the successful production of electricity from the wind. The name was given. Hossam told foreign media that when I arrived in Rafa, I looked at my twin nephews and there was only fear in their eyes. They felt fear in the darkness inside the tent. After seeing all this, I thought how can I make them happy and how can I brighten up this place.” Hussam continued his speech and said that upon reflection, the idea of ​​taking advantage of the sudden wind inspired and guided me. So after getting the basic information, I started my project and finally succeeded in bringing light to my camp. Hussam, 15, said I love life and want to be an inventor.

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