The long-lived tiger ‘Hanuma’ is no more IG News

He used to like people because of his gestures.

Team Udayavani, Sep 22, 2022, 1:46 PM IST

Shimoga: At the Tyavarekoppa tiger and lion sanctuary here, Hanuma, the tiger who was reputed to be the longest-lived in the state, died due to illness.

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This tiger, which was born about 20 years ago, had been suffering from illness for a few months. The record of the longest living male tiger in Lion Safari has not yet come. Vali and Rama are brothers of Hanuman. Two of these tigers died earlier. They lived for 18 years. Rama, Vali and Hanuma were born due to the mating between Maleshankar and Chamundi’s son Hanuma Maleshankar and Chamundi. Tourists used to come from different places including Bangalore to see these lion safaris. Hanuman was liked by people because of his gestures.

Hanuman’s death has reduced the number of tigers at the Lion Safari to four. Rama, Vali, Bharata and now Hanuma died in just two and a half years.


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